Meet the Team


STEVEN CHOU - Co-President

Steven joins DAP with an H.B.Sc. double major in Psychology, Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies from the University of Toronto. Having previously been an Events Coordinator, this year as a Co-President, he continues to look forward to connecting with the student community, and to bridge the gap between students, firms, and industry. In his spare time, he enjoys creating visual content both behind and in front of a lens. Most recently, he was featured on reddit, and in brochures. As a former bartender, he has a passion for cocktails. Feel free to reach out if you have questions, or even if you just want to say hello and chat about food and drinks.


TINA MA - Co-President

Tina joined DAP in September 2016 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. As one of the co-presidents this year, she is excited to work closely with students and establish meaningful connections between students and firms. Tina is passionate about giving back to the community and strongly believes that learning occurs even upon doing the simplest task. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring BC and trying new cuisines. Desserts are her Achilles' heel!

WILL CHOUGH - Vice-President, Public Relations

Will began DAP in January 2018 with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Toronto. Until recently, he has been involved in setting up a joint venture company in Houston for an industrial manufacturing company and is now enjoying being a student again. He has been volunteering at the UBC Tax Assistance Clinic for students and is looking forward to connecting with the DAP students by serving as the Public-Relations Vice President. In his spare time, you will find him running or bicycling in the UBC campus.



Jaspreet is an enthusiastic DAP student who started the program in September 2017 with an undergraduate degree in Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing. As the Treasurer, he manages the club's financial activities and communicates with various sponsors of the club. Jaspreet is excited to be a part of the executive team and looking forward to work with amazing team members and students. Apart from accounting, Jaspreet enjoys exploring the outdoors, physical fitness and whatever that can get his adrenaline going.


CHERYL LIU - Industry Officer

Cheryl joined the DAP community in January 2018, having previously completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with a Minor in Commerce at UBC. She has financial, marketing research, and clinical research work experience, and loves to get involved in the community, having helped to launch sustainability campaigns, UBC’s first student-run waste audit, and UBC Intercultural Alliance’s annual cultural fair. Cheryl believes in keeping a curious mind and feeding your inner explorer, and is thrilled to help DAP students carve out the less traveled route of careers in industry. In her free time, Cheryl likes to explore cultures through food and music, make things from scratch, get her dance on, and sing in the shower. She looks for creative outlets, and is currently working on an audio documentary. Feel free to say hi!


WILLIAM TING - CPA Designation Officer

William is a current DAP student at the Sauder school of business. He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science from UBC as well. Academically, he has participated in graduate research, done field work on youth democracy as a Journalist in Hong Kong, China and enjoys learning about the relationship between business, technology and society. Currently he works full time at Marsh Canada Limited, a global insurance brokerage and is looking forward to contributing to the DAP community. Recreationally, he enjoys hockey, travelling, movies and reading about technology.

CEDRIC COLE LI - Sponsorship Officer

Cedric, or as he is known to his friends, Cole, is a DAP student as of September 2017 who previously received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto with a Specialist Degree in Immunology and has a background in both academic and industrial scientific research. As a Sponsorship Officer, Cedric will be working alongside the rest of the sponsorship team to reach out to and liaison with potential sponsors as well as his fellow DAP peers. Cedric is a strong proponent of community service: volunteering with the Sprouts sustainable food initiative and the UBC Tax Assistance Clinic for Students. In his spare time, he is an avid skier and has been known to dabble in the fictional Harry Potter sport of quidditch. Don’t hesitate to say hello whether by email or at any event!


RYAN TAM - Sponsorship Officer

Ryan is an aspiring accountant currently in the DAP program with a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Operations Management from the University of Calgary. He has been in the hospitality industry for the better part of his life and has always loved to help people and build relationships. He recently moved to Vancouver and is excited to link up with his fellow Sponsorship officers to reach out to sponsors and DAP peers. Ryan volunteers for the Vancouver Whitecaps during game days as it allows for an opportunity to give back to the community while fulfilling his dream of contributing to a professional soccer team. Along with volunteering he also works at the Rick Hansen Institute as a Student Research Assistant, and in his free time he loves challenging runs so he can work off all the food he devours. Feel free to say hi at networking events!

MICHAEL TIAN - Sponsorship Officer

Michael joined DAP in January 2017 with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from UBC and is an L.L.M candidate at the University of International Business and Economics. DAP has really changed his life for the better and he hopes to bring that change for many of his fellow students. As someone who actively seeks involvement with those around him, he would like to get to know as many of his fellow DAP students as possible. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball. If you are a worthy challenger, he would love to kick your behind.


FELIX WONG - Sponsorship Officer

Felix, is a current DAP student with a Bachelor of Science degree at Simon Fraser University. His previous research in injury prevention and his passion to motivate and serve people has brought him into the field of accounting. Felix will be working along with the rest of the sponsorship team and he is excited to interact and network with his fellow DAP peers. As a student who gives back to the community, Felix volunteers at the UBC Tax Assistance Clinic for students and helps out at the inter-fit society, supporting and taking people with disability on hikes as a form of giving back. In his spare time, Felix enjoys playing basketball, going to the gym, long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners. Don't be hesitant to say hi at networking events!

MATTHEW JUTRAS - Events Coordinator

As a friendly and energetic DAP student, Matthew is excited to bring his diverse perspective which was developed through obtaining an Interdisciplinary Degree at UBC's Faculty of Arts. As an Events Coordinator, he hopes to support his peers' DAP experience by hosting enjoyable and engaging events that will contribute to their recruitment goals. Matthew currently works as a logistics assistant at West Coast Reductions. To balance the stress of work and school Matthew socializes with friends, snowboards, weight lifts and throughout the summer you can find him on the golf course. If you enjoy accounting puns please do not defer to say hi at an event!


JOYCE MA - Events Coordinator

Joyce graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) degree. She began the UBC Diploma in Accounting Program in September 2017, and is involved in the DAP Student Club as an Events Coordinator. Joyce enjoys conversing with people and maintaining a busy schedule by trying new activities and continuing old ones. As an Events Coordinator, she is enthusiastic about working with the executive team to plan fun and informative events that will encourage students to interact with potential employers and one another. Joyce currently works as a customer service representative at TD Canada Trust. In her free time, she loves to play board games, cook up new recipes, play the violin and the piano, and attempt to rank up in League of Legends. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to connect! I would love to meet you!

AREEB SOHAIL - Events Coordinator

Having started DAP in May 2017 shortly after his BSc., Areeb quickly found that accounting and finance were his passions. When he is not planning riveting events for his lovely DAP peers, you can find him doing DIY interior design projects, longboarding, weightlifting, playing basketball, or any other hobby that channels his adrenaline and creative side. As events coordinator, he hopes to help his peers achieve their recruiting goals while having fun and forming lasting relationships. He is thrilled to meet you all, so please do not hesitate to reach out for a chat!


TIMOTHY YAP - Events Coordinator

Timothy completed his Bachelor's of Science majoring in Chemistry at UBC in 2017 and joined DAP in January 2018. In the role of Events Coordinator, he will be planning the 12th Annual Casino Night hosted at the Shangri-La Hotel. Outside of school, Timothy enjoys volunteering weekly with his local Scout Troop where he leads and mentors 25 youth starting from planning programs to the debriefing after. In his spare time, you can find him on the beautiful trails of BC.